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Thank you for visitng the Winning at the Slots website. We're over 10 years old now.

If you've visited us in the past you may see some changes. We still have slot tips and advice for playing land casino slots but have added slot tips for online casino slot games. Online casinos are growing at an incredible rate and often have higher payback percentages than many land casinos.

If you've never experienced the fun and excitement of playing the online casino video bonus slots, try some of the free Slot & Table Games and read our Slot Articles for some tips and strategies, plus we only review the Bonus Slot Games you can win on.

You can download the Winning at the Slots Free eBook to Playing Online Casinos. No signup is required and it provides tips and advice for playing online casinos.

I received an email some time ago asking how the Winning at the Slots web site started and why we use the Liberty Bell Slot to display the hidden bonus tips.

In the late 1980's, even before computers ran Windows I started a Consulting firm, TechStaff Consultants, which later became TechStaff Corporation. We produced several software programs, TechStaff Tools, Profile Display Zones and "The Liberty Bell Slot Game" after the first slot machine. I actually had the pleasure of talking to and working with Frank and Marshall Fey, the grandsons of it's inventor Charles Fey.

Over the years I kept all the slot information, tips and advice I researched and tested them at the neighboring casinos, keeping the good ones and discarding the bad ones.

Now thanks to your continued support the Winning at the Slots web site has become one of the Internet's leading resources on video bonus slots. The latest release of the Winning at the Slots eBook, Expanded Edition has grown to over 110 pages.

Some customers ask why I don't charge $49.95 for my ebook like other slot sites do, the answer is simple, those sites are out to make a quick buck. I'd rather see you put the money towards winning. So many slot players lose on slots and leave the casino empty handed especially on the coinless slots.

Remember, there is no full proof method to beating slot machines. So if you come across a sure way to beat them let us know. However, if you apply a little common sense and discipline you can have some fun and win more oftem than not. Even the strategies in the Winning at the Slots eBook are based on common sense.

For some fun take a few minutes to test your slot playing knowledge with our slots quiz and you can signup to receive email notification when we post new slot tips, articles and advice.

For more slot tips look through this site's pages for Fey's Liberty Bell Slot. When you find it, move your mouse over it for a free slot tip. Find all ten! And don't forget to visit the slot tips archive for the most recent slot tips.

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Good Luck!
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The information and content published on the Winning at the Slots website and ebooks is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. While real money wagering is allowed in many regions including Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and most of Europe please check with your countries' laws and regulations regarding online gambling.