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With so many land casinos worldwide many gamblers that play slots on a regular basis usually play at a nearby casino and playing often can have its advantage.

Frequent players of slot games figure out exactly on what days and time of day the slots are paying. For instance a land casino near us pays very well the first few days of the month. It seems during this window of opportunity a player can do nothing wrong. Every slot machine seems to pay.

Then there are other times no matter how much they play they can't win a dime. The players that realize this play to win. They have discipline and never lose focus. They live to play another day or play very conservatively just to have some fun.

The players that play to lose become fixated when the slot machines are not paying and continue to wager with the same old habits, often more than they should. A clear indication of this is when the line at the cash machine (ATM) is longer than the line at the ticket cashing machine or validation window.

The same principle applies to playing slots online. Luckily, players have options when playing slots online that are not easily available when playing slots in a land casino.

First they can download several casinos that offer similar slot games or download casinos offering entirely different games and when one slot game or casino is not paying out quickly switch to one of the others. Players also have the option of playing the instant or flash-based casino. Players can play in demo mode and if the slot is paying switch to playing with real money.

If they're luckily enough to have an eWallet, their bankroll can be kept in a centralized account that each casino accepts making deposit and withdrawals easy.

Online players always have a vast array of slot and table games at their disposal. As they play, they get to know exactly when the slots and casinos are paying.

One drawback to online casinos compared to land casinos is their convenience. Online casinos are available 24/7 and a little more discipline is required. However, experienced land based slot players, especially those that live close to the casino gear their gaming session to their gambling habits.

Some gamblers love the slots so much they know they can play all day so they make adjustments to counteract their enthusiasm. They limited their bankroll and leave the cash advance cards at home.

Online slot players should apply the same disciplines they use when playing at a land casino but often don't. If you tend to get a little overly enthusiastic split your gaming session time into playing the first half in demo play and the last half in real money play.

When playing online players should manage their bankroll in the same fashion they do in a land casino but many don't. They should deposit the same amount they would take to a land casino, no more, no less.

These days USA players typically make casino deposits with prepaid cards and load a certain amount of gambling funds on it. Other USA players use an MST giftcard but are limited to the few casinos that accept it.

If a slot is not paying they should switch to a different slot game the same as they would switch slot machines in a land casino. Online players also have the luxury of changing casinos when they are not paying, not easily done with land casino.

The amount a person wagers is dependent on their bankroll and if it's not it should be. The best time to increase the wager is when you've built up some credits.

The biggest difference between slot winners and slot losers is not cashing out. The savvy land casino slot players cash out and play with the casino's money or head for the exit.

Cashing out with online casinos is not as instantaneous as it is with land casinos and players should review the withdrawal process before playing at any online casino. Also online casinos let players reverse the withdrawal for a limited time and many players lose it all back.

If you practice some good gambling habits you can win at slots instead of the casino.

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