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Is it better to play at 1¢, 2¢, 5¢, 10¢ or 25¢ or more slot game?

Well that depends on your budget and the whether you are playing slots to win money or just entertainment. With land slots 1¢, 2¢, 5¢ and 10¢ machines take the most money and pay back the least. With online slots you can win a decent amount just low rolling.

If you are low on money play at pennies or nickels. If you want to win some money and if it fits your budget play the 9 and 15 payline slots at 25¢ or 50¢ and the 20 or 25 pay line slots at 5¢ or 10¢. The more you wager the more you win, but managing your bankroll is more important. One of the better features of online casinos is they allow wagering with a wider range of coin denominations. Many times from pennies all the way up to to dollars.

What games should I play?

Card games are a safe bet in all cases. A casino can't really change the odds on card games. However they can change the payouts. Many players find them boring as they are not interactive like today's bonus slots.

With theme games like the popular IGT slots Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune a portion of the revenue goes to the copyright owners. That means less profit for the casino so the pay back percentage is somewhat less but players still win or they would't play them. Play your favorite games and take a chance once and a while on a game you've never played before. You just might have some luck.

Other fun theme based slots are Reel Deal and Wheel of Chance available at Wager Gaming Casinos. Luckily the Wager Gaming Casinos accept USA players.

Most slot players play to get the bonus round and bonus rounds win money. We look for bonus rounds that have retriggerable free spins, multilpliers and pay something without a winning combination stopping on the paylines during the free spin bonus round. We generally avoid bonus slots that have a "blooper" that can end suddenly with a wrong pick.

One of our favorite free spin bonus slots is Outta This World featured on our home page and in our Recommended Real Time Gaming Casinos. Another fun slot is Pay Dirt. Pay Dirt is available for free demo play in our Free Real Time Gaming slots.

For more information on Bonus Rounds read our article Slot Bonus Round Tips and for some recommended fun bonus round slot games visit our Slot Game Reviews.

Should I keep playing a slot machine thinking it's going to pay off?

Do not keep feeding a slot machine $$$ unless you have an unlimited bankroll. Although the more spins made the better, money management is more important. If you lose half your credits and hardly make any hits cash out and find another machine.

What do I do when the slot machine wager and payline buttons no longer work?

The buttons on a land-based slot machine take a lot of abuse. While many players know about the touch screen capabilities, they don't really know what to do if they press the touch screen to make a change and nothing happens.

On some older machines, behind the screen glass is a matrix that responds to certain areas that are touched. Many times the matrix is no longer aligned with the corresponding touch screen button. Instead of pressing right on the button, press the surrounding area.

During a bonus round, what do I do when I need to select something on the screen and nothing happens?

During a bonus round the wager and or payline buttons are also available for making selections. Look for buttons that are lit. Each button corresponds to a choice on the screen starting on the left.

Should I play 9, 15 or 20+ payline slots?

It really depends on your bankroll size. You'll get 1.6 more spins playing a 15 line, 10 cent slot instead of a 20 line, 10 cent slot for every $10.00 played. That's 16 more spins for every $100.00 played. Those 16 spins could be the difference between a good night and a bad one. However, because the 20 and 30+ line slots have so many paylines you win something on almost every spin and if they don't hit more often than not, move on to another game.

Do Online Casinos really give free money to play with?

Yes they do. Like the land-based casinos, online casinos offer special promotions and welcome bonus chips when you first signup and even surprise bonus chips on your birthday, to keep you as customer and like the land casinos comp points that can be redeemed for extra bonus cash.

We have even negotiated a free $31 no deposit bonus chip exclusively for our visitors. You can read more or claim the free chip.

There are so many Online Casino Deposit Methods and Free Bonus Promotions which are best?

True, there are hundreds of online casino promotions and they change constantly. However, it's just like planning a trip to a land-based casino. It depends on your budget. Some players are high rollers that like the matching 400% signup bonuses while other players prefer more mid-level signup bonuses. Still other players prefer going after life changing progressive jackpots.

There are several ways to take advantage of the many different casino signup bonuses, you can just signup at an online casino deposit funds with a creditcard and start playing, this is the quickest way but depends on your country.

However the best way is to open an ewallet account. By using one of the many available ewallets you'll be able to fund any online casino instantly at any time. Some casinos even give additional free bonus money if you deposit using a preferred method. The article Online Casino Real Play Deposit Tips provides specific details on the various deposit methods.

What is the best way to play State Casino Slots?

State operated land casino slots are coinless. Paper money is inserted instead and your winning is printed on a voucher slip. You can insert the slip into any machine on the floor or cash it at a bill breaker machine or at a cashier window. Compared to the coin slots, this can really eat up a bankroll. Most players just keep pressing the same wager button and watch the machine eat up all their credits. Almost all land casinos are getting rid of the coin-based slots for the voucher type.

If a machine keeps taking your credits at a set wager and payline without hitting any winning combinations change the number of paylines or wager amount or both until you start hitting some. If it still does not hit winning combinations move to another machine.

Take a few minutes to test your slot playing knowledge with our slots quiz and you can signup to receive email notification when a new free slot tip is posted to in our slot tips archive.

For more slot tips look through this site's pages for Fey's Liberty Bell Slot. When you find it, move your mouse over it for a free slot tip. Find all ten! And don't forget to visit our slot tips archive for additional slot tips.

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