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Tip #6: Playing Maximum Coin

Any slot machine will eventually hit some winning combinations if you make enough spins. However, most players don't have a large enough bankroll to sustain the dry spells, especially if they're playing maximum coin.

Tip #6 focuses on what to do according to your bankroll size. Las Vegas Casinos officials recommend playing maximum coin and if your bankroll is large enough then by all means play maximum coin. The return from bonus rounds could be well worth it.

I watched a woman play Leopard Spots at 150 nickels per spin. I could see the frustration on her face as it would not hit any bonus rounds. But she kept pressing the max bet button and someone had to hold her machine 2 or 3 times while she left to get more money. Eventually she did hit the bonus round and if I remember correctly it did pay pretty good. However, when you subtract the 2 or 3 $100 bills she was inserting I do not think she was up much, if anything.

Here's how I would have approached it if it was me playing that machine. Depending on my bankroll size, I usually double or triple my bet on the first spin or two. (You'd be surprised how many times you get a bonus round on the very first spin.) First, I try and build up some credits before I bet heavily. If I built up some credits then I bet maximum coin.

If I get no return after a few spins at max or near max bet I lower my wager. I keep a rough mental count of the non-winning spins then after 5 or 6 non-winning spins up my bet again. The overall goal is to get as many spins in as possible for the least amount of bankroll and still get a decent hit. I use this technique on both online and land based slots with pretty good success.

Because it's the random number generator that ultimately decides whether we win or lose there is no telling that had that woman done things even the slightest bit different that she would have hit the bonus round. However one thing is for certain, had she conserved her bankroll she would not have made those trips to the ATM machine.

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