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Tip #8: Lottery/Lotto Numbers, Instant Tickets, Jackpot Games

What is your gambling preference, land casino slots, online casinos, keno, lottery/lotto numbers, big jackpot games or instant scratch tickets?

Our patrons have indicated that although they have a favorite form of gambling they dabble in several others and depending on how close they live to the casino is directly related to the frequency of visits. In the mean time they play their local state lottery games or online casinos and that is focus of free bonus tip #8.

So is it better to play lottery scratch tickets, slots, keno or lottery/lotto numbers?

Since the Winning at the Slots website provides many tips for playing online and land casino bonus slots and free tip #7 covers playing keno we'll discuss lottery/lotto numbers and instant win tickets in this free bonus tip.

Daily Numbers:

After instant tickets, the daily number has the best chance of winning something. Usually a double digit number offers the highest payout.

A good way of playing the daily number is a combination or combo. To cut down the cost pick a double number, for example, play a 3 digit combo like 877 or a 4 digit combo like 8778. In Massachusetts you can play a 25 cent combo. Ask your lottery agent if playing a combo is possible. If so, no matter what order it comes out in the pay out is an exact order pay out.

Daily Number Strategy:

Here is one strategy for long term or frequent daily number players. Let's take the 8778 number above for example. The strategy is played like this:

Bet 25 cents first 3 exact and 25 cents last 3 exact for 7 days. Cost $3.50

If it does not come out, play it again for another 7 days. Only this time have the lottery agent pass the betting card through the machine 2 times. Cost $7.00

If it does not come out, play it again for another 7 days. Only this time have the lottery agent pass the betting card through the machine 3 times. Cost $10.50

Again, if it does not come out, play it again for another 7 days. Only this time have the lottery agent pass the betting card through the machine 4 times. Cost $14.00

The number of times you have the agent pass the betting card through the machine is up to you. When and if you decide to give up on the number is up to you. If you lottery offers it try playing it as a first 3, last 3 or all 4 combo.

Adapt the strategy to the lotto game in your area.

Lottery Scratch Tickets or Instant Tickets:

How can a person win on scratch tickets? The truth is that most tickets are losers and $1 tickets seem to be the worst. Slot Machines pay much better than most lotto games and scratch tickets are no exception.

To increase your chances of at least winning something buy 3 tickets in a strip from the same book vs. buying 3 tickets from different books. Even still, it is really the luck of the draw. Another tip is not to chase tickets. Buy a few and if you win, nice, but you can scratch till you pass out and win nothing.

Many states lotteries sell $10 and $20 scratch tickets. If you are planning to buy a $10 or $20 ticket then I suggest you buy five or ten $2 tickets, from the same book instead. If you win great, what you do with your winnings is a matter of choice. If you are feeling lucky, take back your investment and use the rest to try again. If you lose on all 5 tickets and want to try again then buy some from the same book, however make sure that you get the next tickets in sequence from the last losing ticket. Many times another player buys from the book you are working and gets the winner.

Mega Jackpot Lottery Games:

There are games that offer huge jackpots. Power Ball and Mega Millions are just two. These games span several states and the odds of winning one of these huge jackpots are in the hundreds of millions. Check your local lottery web site for specific games, pay outs and odds.

You can play a quick pick or select your own set of numbers. One choice is not any better than the other nor does picking one over the other increase your odds. Massachusetts has so many lottery games that it's too expensive to cover them all each day. So I suggest gamers just play when the jackpot is large and usually get one or two quick picks. If you pick your own numbers and fail to play it, you will feel awful if it comes out. The other alternative is to get a season ticket for your particular set of numbers.

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