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Online Casino Slot Payback Percentages

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Free Slot Tip #9: Online Casino Payback Percentages

The slot game payback percentage offered by online casinos is higher than that offered by many land-based casinos.

When comparing the slots in highly competitive locations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City to the slots in state and tribal casinos there is a big diffference in payback percentage. Casinos in competitive locations are battling to offer the highest payback return on their casino games. The slot playback in competitive locations is better than 98% in most cases.

State operated casinos do not have nearly the same level of competition and therefore can install slots with a lower payback percentage. The highest payback a player can usually find in state and tribal casinos is about 92%, while the low side is in the mid to upper eighty-percent range.

The payback percentage for online casinos falls somewhere in the middle. Most online casinos have a payback percentage of just over 96%.

Some online casinos offer bonus slots with a 98% payback percentage like Slots Village from Parlay Group and the proprietary slot games from Slotland Casino.

In both online and land casino audit reports the payback percentages are listed first as an overall average of all the games in the casino and then usually by individual game type.

The land casino manager orders slot machines set at a certain payback percentage and coin denomination. However, online casino managers, have no control over the games' payback percentage. Also the online casino payback percentage is the same in fun play mode as it is in real money mode. Many real money slot players start off in fun mode and when the game starts to hit switch to real money.

Depending on how the land casino manager ordered the slot machines, they're either fixed at a single coin denomination, or ordered with the multi-coin denomination option. Many times a casino will install banks of indentical slots each bank set at a different fixed coin denomination and payback percentage. Often there are two identical slot machines side by side set at different payback percentages.

Online casinos can't have two identical slot games since they have only one version of any particular game and the payback percentage is set to whatever the software producer programmed it for.

Unlike the fixed coin denomination with land slots, online slot games allow the player to play at a wide variety of coin sizes, generally from 1¢ all the way through to dollars. Both online and land casino games allow increasing the number of coins wagered on each pay line.

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