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Slot Bonus Rounds - Slot Tips

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Tip #1: Battling the Bill Validator

Things you can do if the land casino slot bill validator will not take your bills.

1: Make sure the bill you are using has been cut evenly. The land casino slot validators can not read bills that do not line up with the optical reader inside the slot. The white edge border around the bill must be even on all sides.

2: Many bills have been folded in half thus creating a crease in the middle. Try grabbing the bill on each end and sliding it back and forth on the edge of the slot machine case.

3: When inserting a creased bills into the bill validator, as the bill is goes in, gently tug on it so it's taunt. This will flatten out the crease in the middle so the bill validator can read it.

Tip #2: Bonus Round Selections

Never know what to symbol pick on land slot games with bonus rounds?

Don't pick anything. Certain slot games will pick a symbol or item for you if you wait a few minutes. Some land-based slots that do this are: Leopard Spots, Top Banana, Monopoly, Winning Bid, Money to Burn, Swingin in the Green and Cash Crop. Give it a try on your favorite slot.

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