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Tip #3: Finding a Hot Slot Machine

Just how do you find a hot slot machine? Ideally, there is no way to detect a hot machine just by looking at it. However, if you have a favorite slot game and no one is playing them consider it a clue that those games are not paying on this particular day and find another game to play. Word travels fast on which games are paying.

Don't stick to the same section of the Casino gaming floor. I have talked to many players that were in the smoking section that did not smoke and asked them why they were playing in smoking section? Their reply was "this is where the action is".

If I'm not having any luck in the non-smoking section. I try the smoking section. I have noticed more times than not that when one section is cold the other is hot. When you enter a floor section, scan the machines people are playing. If many players have a fair amount of credits accumulated, then the machines are paying.

Online Casinos are different, you can play any time and narrow down the time they're paying.

Tip #4: Getting the Most from your Bankroll

State operated Casinos or Racinos usually don't offer any benefits like free drinks or comp points. However, if you visit a tribe owned/operated casino make sure you take your comp card with you. For those of you that are not familiar with a comp card here is the definition.

Comps - means "complimentary" and refers to free rewards given out by casinos for gambling a certain amount at their casino. Points are accumulated on a card issued by the casino and can be redeemed for free buffets, tickets to shows, discount hotel rooms, cash rebates for gambling, store purchases and even gasoline. Both Foxwood Resort and Mohegan Sun have excellent buffets.

If you don't have a comp card, you can get one free at any of the casino's information booths. Ask any employee to direct you to the booth. However, remember to insert your comp card into the slot machines comp reader before you play and don't forget to take your card with you when you leave a machine. Many Casinos used to give a spiral cord to attach to the card. One end would attach to the card and the other to your wrist or belt loop. As a backup, bring a string or something you can attach to the card so you remember to take it when you do leave a machine. Even a spare key chain can be used.

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